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Sweet with a zingy bite.
That's Linda's award-winning special relish.

For years, Linda’s Original Sweet Chilli Relish has had friends and relatives begging for more. When you taste it, you'll be hooked!

Linda’s product range now comprises four varieties of Sweet Chilli Relish and a Luscious Hot Chocolate Sauce.

With Linda’s sweet chilli condiments, you can be saucy with meat pies and snags, baste some taste on to BBQ foods or simply enjoy the luscious sweet heat with cheese on biscuits.

  Healthy for you, too!

Gluten free and very low in sodium, Linda’s Original Sweet Chilli Relish line contains only natural preservatives of white vinegar and sugar.

Linda’s Luscious Hot Chocolate Sauce, the connoisseur’s dessert darling, is gluten free and lactose free, very low in sodium and contains natural citric acid to enhance keeping quality.

Check out our Recipes for deliciously hot tips then order some of Linda’s latest batch online or from your nearest stockist.

You’ll find Linda and husband, Bruce, relishing life every Saturday at a Farmer's Market somewhere in the Central West. Come say hello, taste and have a chat.

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