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You clearly have excellent taste - We love it that you love our relish!
Each tasty variety has its own special bite at just $15 a bottle.

We offer a $17 flat rate for postage and packaging of all orders.

Bulk orders are available for commercial use.
Wholesale prices for commercial operators are available by arrangement.

You can also find Linda and her delicious range of Sweet Chilli Relishes every Saturday at a Farmer's Market somewhere in the Central West.

Linda’s Original Sweet Chilli Relish
Linda’s Original Sweet Chilli Relish with Lime & Ginger 
Linda’s Hot Sweet Chilli Relish
Linda’s Hottest Sweet Chilli Relish
Linda’s Asian Plum & Chilli Sauce $15
Linda’s Luscious Hot Chocolate Sauce

Place your order online through Linda's secure PayPal shopping cart. Alternatively, you can phone your order through to 0404 155 388

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