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We wanted a chilli relish for everyone and now everyone wants our chilli relish!
Each tasty variety has its own special bite at just $15 a bottle.

We offer a $17 flat rate for postage and packaging of all orders.

Linda’s Original Sweet Chilli RelishLinda’s Original Sweet Chilli Relish

This blue ribbon winner started our business! For 30 years, Linda has made this relish developed from an old family recipe based on the moderate heat of Cayenne chillies. Sweet with a bit of bite the whole family will enjoy.
Heat 2/10

Linda’s Original Sweet Chilli Relish with Lime & GingerLinda’s Original Sweet Chilli Relish with Lime & Ginger

The sweet chilli heat of Linda’s Original plus fresh lime, juicy ginger and a hint of garlic give this relish a Thai-style twist. Ginger adds its own heat. Lime intensifies the chilli. It’s yummy with all Asian, Indian and Australian foods.
Heat 4/10

Linda’s Hot Sweet Chilli Relish Linda’s Hot Sweet Chilli Relish

For anyone with an adult’s palate used to the heat as well as the full flavour of chillies. Birdseye chillies are added to boost the Cayenne. You’ll find this version at least twice as hot as Linda’s Original.
Heat 6/10

Linda’s Hottest Sweet Chilli Relish Linda’s Hottest Sweet Chilli Relish

This one’s as hot as Linda’s prepared to take it! Thai, Birdseye and Habanero fire with only half the sugar - for lovers of serious heat and robust flavour.   
Heat 10/10

Linda’s Asian Plum & Chilli Sauce

My traditional Cantonese-style spicy plum sauce combines aromatic sweet spices with the zest of my own sweet chilli relish. Serve as a dip for Asian nibbles or finishing sauce for duck, chicken or pork dishes.
Heat 1/10
Linda’s Luscious Hot Chocolate Sauce Linda’s Luscious Hot Chocolate Sauce

The connoisser’s dessert topper. Dark, glossy, rich and feisty!
Enjoy on best quality vanilla icecream with nut praline and fresh berries.
Use it in hot mocha, iced coffee and milk shakes.
It’s a fabulous instant fondue!


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